Hi, Iím Paige Clough, the owner and head trainer of Paloma Trails. Iíve been teaching children of all ages and abilities horseback riding and horsemanship skills for more than 15 years and a world champion horse.

My passion for horses began many years ago when I was lucky enough to be given a horse "Chance" for my daughter Bridget. Chance was kept in our back yard and a make shift stable was made.

Today, I have 16 horses with two and half acres of land at Paloma Trails and my passion for these great animals is stronger than ever. Iím a qualified therapeutic trainer, which enables me to work with children who have special needs.

Paloma Trails was set up to enable children from all walks of life to learn while having fun. I want children to come here to relax and enjoy the lovely countryside while forgetting about everything else.

Jumping Orie Book

Paige Clough has recently published a book Ė "The Jumping Orie Story" Ė itís a story about one of the horses and she is delighted to read this book to children.

After the story Paige usually do a jumping demonstration with Orie, and then the children are free to walk around and pat Orie.

Paige's book is also available to purchase for $20 plus tax with percentage of the profit going to the SIRE (Houston Therapeutic Horsemanship Centers for people with special needs).

Nosey Rosey Book

Paige's second book Nosey Rosey is about her Nosey Mare.

This book can be purchase for $16.95 plus tax.

Would you like Paige, Rosey, & Orie to come visit your school?

If so, please contact us.

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