Paloma Trails offers full and half board for horses all sizes and other animals. Please contact us for more details.


Ms. Paige teaches private or small group Therapeutic riding lessons to children ages 2 to 15 with all levels of experience. Both Western and English styles are taught.

Private ridding & horsemanship skills

This is for anybody who likes to come up for one-time ridding & horsemanship skills lesson.

Your child will get private 30 minutes on the ranch with pony ride /horse ride grooming, walking horse.

Special Needs & sibling camps

Ms. Paige is a PATH therapeutic riding instructor run small Special needs & sibling camps. This camp is great to give the children to interact with her herd of horse.

Their horseback coaching session with Ms. Paige with horse/pony being lead with member of the team sometimes with side walker as well. Using their fine motor skills to dressing up ponies and grooming them from head to toe. Using their senses to touch and smell diffent types of horse food.

Best therpery is to pat, stroke, cuddle and walk the horse & learn horsemanship skills .This is one-hour camp for $35.


Get ready for an exciting 90 minutes of fun activities with Ms. Paige and the miniatures horses. Your party guests will meet and greet the horses, be taught how to groom manes, tails, and beautiful coats and will be able to dress up the horses with bows and clips.

Next the kids will learn how to walk and trot with the horses and take them through the obstacle course.

Then itís horseback riding for the children whilst the minis take a break. Next, the minis come out again for games!

Madi or Phantom, our world champion minis, will pull the carriage that the children will ride in.

Feed the horse time is the last activity Ė to thank the horses for all their hard work! Everyone gets a ribbon at the end of party.

The party pack includes 90 minutes of activities and 30 minutes of party time. Itís $315.00 for 10 children then an extra $25 per child. If youíd like an additional horse for riding, itís just $30 more.

Home School Camp

This camp is for home-schooled children from the age of 3-15 years old. Itís a 90-minute camp, which takes places every second Monday or Tuesday. It starts at 9.00am or 10.30am the children all have a horse and a miniature horse to look after.

Activities learned include:
Feeding, Grooming, Walking, Ground jumping, and Carriage riding

The children also get the chance to learn about:
Tacking up, Horse teeth, Trimming horse feet, Bathing, Horsemanship skills, Training a horse, and Barn work

Children get the opportunity to take part in a contest at the end of the year where they win medals and ribbons whilst showcasing what theyíve learned.

This camp is only $35!

New Event for 2017
For children Age 18 months to 5 years old

Pony Play date

These events are for children ages 18 months to 5 years old. The idea of the Pony Play Date is for children to get comfortable around horses and to have fun!

The children enjoy a number of fun activities:
Pony rides, Crafts, Grooming, Dressing up the ponies, and Making horse treats to feed to the horse at end of camp

$35 Special 75 minutes Pony Camp

This event for children aged 2 to 15 years old. $35 per child. The idea of Pony Play Camp is for children to have fun and to learn to be comfortable around horses.

The children enjoy a number of activities:
Mini horseback lesson, grooming, dressing up the ponies, walking and the obstacle course. Play games with ponies and feeding the horses

Pony Camp

For children aged 3-15 $50 per child from 10am till 12pm. This camp is a great camp for children to learn horsemanship and horseback riding.

Their horseback lesson is in a small group with Ms. Paige the children will learn about, feeding grooming and walking a horse/pony. They will also enjoy carriage rides, and the obstacle course, with fun & games.

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